Agility Staff Augmentation

We understand the value that great people bring to a place.

True to our purpose, we will help you scale up your agile capacity in cost effective ways. Our people hit the ground running, they bring a gear shift to any discussion or delivery, and they are wired for agility.

Our primary focus is on providing:

  • Enterprise Agility Coaching
  • Agility Coaching
  • Scrum Mastery

Agility Capability Services

At Scrumhalf we know that business cannot wait until capability is built!

Our consultants have been owners of business and/or senior role players in large organizations. We have firsthand knowledge of building capability while driving value for business.

Our people have driven Agility, Digital, and Technical transformations in a wide range of industries and domains.

ScrumHalf enables Enterprise Agility by drawing on a unique depth of experience spanning Finance, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Legal, Risk, People & Culture, Product and the Digital assets.

Agility Audit

ScrumHalf utilizes our own Agility Audit Framework to conduct assessments of current state agility. We have the ability to interrogate every aspect of the agility landscape to assess maturity and usefulness of agile processes, tooling and behaviors.

The outcome is a structured response focusing on capability uplift for all levels and domains across the organization.

Our intent is to help you progress past the adoption of process, to realizing benefits for the business and customer, through agile approaches.

Transformation Consulting

We bring our experience in a vast range of industries, domains and disciplines to the fore, to help your business map out the most effective movement towards agile ways of working. Our unique approach to transforming business, starts with uplifting it’s people.

We understand that the transformation journey can seem a daunting task, but let us show you how it is possible to achieve Business Agility iteratively, while still being transformative for the whole business.

Our team has helped business units within organizations, small businesses, and large organizations forge their way to becoming agile at its core.

Talk with us to see how we can help!

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